Following some work we have done with Gwyrddio Penarth Greening (GPG) to plant a fruit orchard in the town, we welcomed them back a meeting to learn more about the Plastic Free Campaign. At Penarth Youth Action we are very supportive of Penarth becoming a plastic free town and have stopped using single use plastics at our meetings.  In order for Penarth to achieve the plastic free town status, businesses in the town have to make positive changes to stop using single-use plastic.  To help GPG, PYA decided to carry our a survey amongst local coffee shops.  We wanted to find out:


  • Have the coffee shops heard about GPG and the Plastic Free campaign?
  • Do they use single-use plastics?
  • Do they provide any plastic alternatives?
  • Do they offer re-usable cups and any discounts to customers who use their own?
  • Does the business have a plastic free pledge?


We have visited 9 coffee shops in Penarth and found out some really useful information which we will be sharing with GPG.  Many of the businesses are already taking big steps to reduce their use of single-use plastics such as The Crepe Escape who do not use any single-use plastics at all!  Many coffee shops offered discounts, re-usable cups, non plastic alternatives and many already had plastic free pledges which is great news. Clearly there are lots of eco-warriors in Penarth who want to make a big change!!