Penarth’s Town Mayor is elected annually by Town Council Members at their Annual General Meeting.

The candidate holds office for one year, becoming the ‘First Citizen’ of the town. Throughout their year, they perform various ceremonial duties and act as the public face of the Council at official, civic and community events.

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The Current Town Mayor

The Town Mayor

The Current Town Mayor

Meet Councillor Melissa Rabaiotti who was elected Penarth Town Mayor on Friday 12th May 2023 at the Annual General Meeting of Penarth Town Council.

Melissa represents Plymouth Ward and is a member of the Welsh Labour group. She served as Deputy Mayor in 2022/23.

Cllr Rabaiotti said she felt: “privileged and honoured to represent the Town Council as the Mayor of Penarth. I will do my best to support the Town and the community, community is everything.”

As well as dedicating time to town activities the Mayor is also responsible for raising money for a charity of their choice. Cllr Melissa Rabaiotti has chosen to raise money for Penarth Lifeboat Station and Action for Children.

Previous Town Mayors

Previous Town Mayors

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