Penarth Town Council manages three allotment sites (also known as Leisure Gardens) in the town: Harbour View, Paget Terrace and Windsor Road.

Demand is high and turnover is low on the 39 plots, but if you are a resident of Penarth, we are happy to add your name to the waiting list.

The annual fee is £5.25 per perch per annum and is dependent on the size of the plot. There is an additional charge for water of £15.70 per annum.

Who can have a Leisure Garden?

Anyone who lives in the administrative boundary of Penarth can apply for a plot.

What can you use the Leisure Garden For?

As long as the plot is properly maintained and cultivated, we’re happy!

You can use the plot to grow vegetables or flowers and even keep hens (but not cockerels) and other limited livestock.  If you wish to keep any livestock you must contact us to gain permission (please see details at the bottom of the page).

To contact us about Allotments, please email or telephone 029 20700721.