All members, including co-opted members of Penarth Town Council must complete a Register of Interests form to register their financial and other interests.

Members must provide the following details:
  • Any employment or business, including:
  • The name of their employer
  • Name of any firms at which they are a partner
  • Details of any directorships held
  • People who paid towards their expenses
  • Contracts between themselves or their firm and Penarth Town Council
  • Interests in any land or property in the area
  • Any licences to occupy land in the area
  • Any tenancies held where the council is the landlord
  • Membership of organisations, including bodies to which they have been appointed by the council
  • Any offer of gifts or hospitality of a value over £50 that they have received in their capacity as a Member

Members must complete a register of interests form within 28 days of being elected and can be found here