PYA members attended the Penarth Town Christmas Light Switch On to promote our Eco Friendly Christmas gift wrapping alternative ideas in time for Christmas! On average 108 million rolls of wrapping paper in the UK ends up in landfill every Christmas. Most wrapping paper cannot be recycled as it had glitter on it or a plastic coating. Add on top of this ribbons, bows and Christmas cards and this is a lot of waste.

We suggested that people can use alternative wrapping options such as reusable gift bags and boxes, as well as material bags and bottle holders. We also used brown paper which is recyclable as long as you take the sticky tape off it and string that is biodegradable. PYA members helped young people to see if they could wrap a box using brown paper and string without using sticky tape which was a lot of fun!

It can be very hard to be completely eco-friendly but we can all try to make s mall changes to help reduce the amount of non-recyclable that we use in the UK.