PYA members had their first face to face task group in May! It was so nice to see everyone and catch up after so many digital meetings and task groups!

We used this task group to visit the Cwrt Y Vil MUGA. This was really helpful as some of us had never been to the MUGA. We were able to see some of the issues raised by young people who use the area. We were also joined by a young person who attended the Penarth pop-up youth club sessions in the Summer and provided us with feedback about the MUGA. This young person has officially become a PYA member and will be supporting us with the survey we are working on!

Some of the problems we noticed were the boards missing from the sides, the basket ball hoops are broken and missing and the paint has all chipped away.

PYA came up with some ideas to help make this MUGA more fun for young people to use. We suggested replacing the broken equipment and adding football goals under the basket ball hoops, painting and replacing the boards and using the boards to create a mural designed by young people from Penarth!

Keep an eye out for our survey which will be live soon and have your say on the Cwrt Y Vil MUGA!

If you would like to get involved in this project get in touch with PYA at: