PYA in Lockdown

Lockdown has helped us to become more creative with how we can make PYA work! All of our work is now done digitally.

  • Digital Meetings

We have been having digital PYA meetings on Microsoft Teams, these are like our normal PYA meetings. We have been discussing what campaigns and projects we want to work on this year.

PYA members have been attending digital Penarth Town Council meetings and the digital AGM.

We have also been having digital task groups where we are working on our digital campaigns and social media presence.

  • Young People Recommend

Our Chair came up with the idea for a regular social media slot called ‘Young People Recommend’.  This allows young people from different Vale Youth Service groups such as PYA, Llantwit Youth Council, Youth Cabinet and Rights Ambassadors to suggest ideas of things that young people all over the Vale can read, watch or do during lockdown. This will be a weekly feature on the Vale Youth Service social media platforms.

  • Cyber Bullying Information Campaign

In our task groups we have been working on a digital campaign about cyber bullying. We have been busy researching helplines and advice on cyber bullying and creating a social media information post. This will be posted on the Vale Youth Service social media when we are finished!

We are really excited to see how our digital campaigns turn out!