On Tuesday, 20th December 2016, the Town Council’s decision making committees met to decide upon the estimated budget for the forthcoming financial year.

Tabling its visions, aims and objectives (available to download below) which will drive the council’s aspirations forward over the next few years, this prompted a review and refresh of existing events, facilities and services to be undertaken to accommodate the budget that has been set for the 2017/2018 financial year.   The Town Council is directed to calculate its precept charge on a council tax band D property (as an average).  In 2017/18, this will mean that the Town Council’s precept increase will be 20p per month, per household.  This equates to 4.97%.

The new team employed by the Town Council have the expertise, knowledge and ability to deliver new and existing services that will refresh traditional events, provide opportunities for venues and facilities to amplify their potential and the scope to look at future projects that have not been considered by the Town Council before.

A refocused look at the traditional events that Penarth are known for will enable the Town Council to deliver events in the future that are more in keeping with what the people of Penarth want today, involve the community groups and retailers/restauranteurs more, which will identify economic growth opportunities to benefit people all over Penarth.  This will involve redesigning Christmas and Summer festival events and reallocating resources to improve various elements.

Picnic Penarth is a hugely successful event and has contributed to the “foodie” destination identity that Penarth is quickly becoming famous for.  Whilst grant funding support offered the Town Council the opportunity to trial the event, it was always intended that future sponsorship would be sought to enable Picnic Penarth to be a standalone event.  Work will commence in early 2017 to secure funds that will see Picnic Penarth appear on the streets of Penarth once again.

The recent late night shopping event was the second of its kind in Penarth.  The Town Council offered its financial support to the event on both occasions but ultimately, this town centre event has established itself as a retailer led experience and was reported by many retailers who took part as a very successful evening.  The Town Council will be happy to support the event via its website advertising at Christmas 2017.

In a context of increasing pressures upon all public services and town and community council’s playing a more prominent role in the reshaped services of their principal councils and also offering additional services than ever before, the Town Council’s role in the future success of Penarth has never been more important.  With this in mind, in coming years, the Town Council’s vision for the future of Penarth will require significant investment and could be achieved through a public works loan.  Loans of this type currently have extremely low interest rates, for the life of the loan, which is usually around 30 years.  In order to achieve the significantly improved offer and to trigger the improvement of services and facilities to the people of Penarth, the precept would underwrite the loan repayments.  This would provide the Town Council with a platform upon which it could generate more income as a result of the venues and facilities being vastly improved to what they are today.  Additional income would be used to offset what is required through the precept to pay for such an advance.

Consultations with the community of Penarth will be undertaken to evaluate if this is what the people of Penarth want to enhance our town now and for future generations.  If anyone would like to find out more about the Town Council’s visions, aims and objectives, please contact Emma Boylan, Town Clerk at enquiries@penarthtowncouncil.gov.uk