Age Cymru are gathering the experiences of people aged 50 or over in Wales during the Covid-19 lockdown

This survey is for people aged 50 or over across Wales, and is being undertaken by key organisations that represent older people.

It’s important that Welsh Government and others hear from you about your experiences of the lockdown and the impact that this has made on you.

The main purpose of the survey is to ensure older people are engaged as to their views on their experience of the last 4 months and aspirations for recovery from the pandemic. This has clearly been an unprecedented period for older people (not ending yet) and it is important their voice is heard now and over the coming year when there are likely to be many economic and social difficulties emerging.

Age UK hope to get a substantial return to inform the findings that will help Welsh Government shape their response to Covid-19.

The survey is available in Welsh and English and should take 15 minutes to complete. Your response is anonymous.

If you’d like to complete the survey online, please follow the links below to your preferred language survey.