Thank you for all of the feedback comments that were submitted via the ‘Penarth Bench Feedback Page’.

We are very grateful to all of you who have taken the time to share your thoughts about the prototype ‘Penarth Bench’ and we have considered all of your comments.

Many of you pointed out that you would like the bench to have a back.

Some of you disliked the use of concrete, although some of you were also very keen on the design and materials.

Many of you praised the innovative design and thought that it was exciting for Penarth to have such individual street furniture in the town centre, but others disagreed and would have preferred to see something more traditional.

Some of you pointed out the installation of the bench did not take sufficient account of the sloping pavement.

We have taken all of these comments on board and as a result, the Future Projects Partnership Group (previously known as the ‘Momentum’ Group) has decided to take the following course of action:

  • The existing prototype bench will be moved from the current location and placed within the grounds of the West House Council Offices where it will supplement the existing public seating provided for the use of residents and visitors.
  • A revised, larger model of the ‘Penarth Bench’ will be installed in place of the prototype bench at the same location. The revised model will have a back, will have wooden coping to soften the concrete edges and will be levelled to allow for the slope of the pavement.
  • Benches of this revised design will then be placed in a further two locations within the town centre.

The Group has discussed the costings involved in these steps very carefully and continue to believe that the ‘Penarth Bench’ represents very good value for money. The manufacture and installation costs of these benches compare favourably with other, mass-produced street furniture and importantly, they are designed and manufactured locally and provide a unique resource for the town centre which cannot be found elsewhere.

We plan to have the revised model of the bench installed as soon as possible and we will keep you updated on progress via the Future Projects Partnership page of the Penarth Town Council website.