In February, the Group agreed the desired Action Plan for the forthcoming twelve months. The proposed activities as set out all respond to the priorities and themes originally set out in the Town Place Plan and also reflect the goals of the Well Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act (2015).

The Group has discussed the feedback that was received in response to the prototype ‘Penarth Bench’ that was installed on Bradenham Place before Christmas. As a result of these discussions, the design of future benches is being modified to include a back rest, and the installation of future benches will also be tailored to take better account of any sloped pavement.

With the first signs of spring, progress has also been made with the pilot projects that we have been planning for our ‘Penarth in Bloom’ initiative. Planters, made from recycled wood from discarded tables have been installed in the grounds of the Town Council Offices at West House on Stanwell Road. They have been planted with a variety of herbs and have already attracted some very positive comments from passers-by. Raised vegetable beds are also being built along the boundary wall of the grounds and we hope to have more news to share soon about how these will be used by local charities and community groups.

Finally, we have been looking for a suitable location for a new noticeboard for Windsor Road. We hope that if we can find a suitable spot, the Board can be used for community information and notices. The Group will need to provide some costings for different options for the Board to the Town Council and if they are happy with the project, following discussions with the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s highways department, they will then allocate funds for the installation.