Understanding Welsh Places is a collaborative project that aims to create a website that is the first point of call for statistical information about towns and communities in Wales.

On the Understanding Welsh Places website you will find useful data and geographical information about your town or local area to help you identify opportunities for your community. You don’t need to be an expert to use this website. The graphics, maps and guidance will help you to explore the data you need to make a difference in the place where you live or work.

The website highlights the places in Wales that are most like your village, town or community. Exploring the similarities and contrasts might give you ideas for your place, or you can share examples of your best practice with others.

Understanding Welsh Places will also help you to understand the relationships between your place and other nearby places. For example, how many people commute in and out of your place each day? Where do they come from or go to? And how much does your place rely on other places for jobs and services, or how much do they depend on your place?

Information about Penarth can be found on the Understanding Welsh Places Website