On Thursday, we found out that a true servant and gentleman of Penarth, Mr Richard James sadly passed away.


We have known Richard for a long time and during that time he served the Penarth Royal British Legion in so many ways. He was always a familiar figure in the town and always had time for everyone. He worked very hard for the Penarth Royal British Legion and we are truly saddened by his passing. We took the decision to fly the flags outside West House at half-mast in honour and respect of his devotion to the Legion and to the community of Penarth. We trust that we, as a Town Council, when regulations allow, will undertake an event in honour of him along with the Penarth Royal British Legion.


Cllr. Mark Wilson Town Mayor of Penarth and Cllr. Rhiannon Birch, Consort to the Town Mayor of Penarth and Leader of Penarth Town Council.