On NHS, Social Care & Frontline Workers’ Day, Penarth’s Town Mayor, Councillor Ian Buckley, along with Deputy Town Mayor, Councillor Laura Rochefort, paid tribute to all those who have worked so tirelessly through the Coronavirus crisis, and who continue to support some of the most vulnerable people in society.


Ian attended a commemorative event at Penarth Masonic Hall on Monday 5th July 2021, recognising the national occasion. There he joined attendees in observing a two-minute silence in remembrance of those lives lost during the pandemic.


The Mayor said: “I wish to pay tribute to all the local doctors, nurses, care workers and other frontline staff who, along with all key workers played such a vital role in saving lives and keeping essential services going during Covid-19. Their commitment and sense of duty is an inspiration to everyone. On behalf of the whole town, I want to say a huge thank you to every single one of them.”


The Deputy Mayor said “To all NHS staff, carers and frontline workers, we truly thank you for your amazing work, for going above and beyond with all your efforts to keep us safe. I also want to wish the NHS a very happy birthday on its 73rd anniversary.”


More information on NHS, Social Care & Frontline Workers’ Day can be found at www.nhsfrontlineday.org.