The Vale of Glamorgan Council has received a significant financial contribution (£1.4million) from the developers of Penarth Heights for Sustainable Transport improvements in the vicinity of the site.


The financial contribution was secured via a Section 106 Agreement which requires the contribution to be spent at follows: “means information, facilities or infrastructure which provides or improves access for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users, taxis or car sharers in the vicinity of the site

[Penarth Heights].”


To date, the Council has used this contribution to implement a number of schemes, including:

  • zebra crossings on Plassey Street;
  • the lighting scheme at the zig-zag path;
  • the woodland footpath and steps from Paget Road to Penarth Marina; and
  • cycle parking for key destinations in Penarth; and
  • the 95A bus service.

There is circa £1.1million remaining, with a contribution of £160k to undertake highway improvements. The Council has therefore been considering a number of options for improvements to the Windsor Road/ Plassey Street Roundabout and enhancing the layout and materials used in this area to create an attractive ‘Gateway’ to Penarth Town Centre.


A number of options have been considered for this junction to improve pedestrian and cyclist movements between Plassey Street, Penarth Town Centre and Cogan and to create an attractive ‘Gateway’ entrance to the Town, with improved access for pedestrians and cyclists.


Please note that these options are in draft format and therefore materials and landscaping have not been included within the designs. Further detailed designs would be undertaken once a preferred option has been identified. In addition to traffic modelling, an independent road safety audit would need to be carried out for any preferred option to be progressed.

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