CAV 24/7 is a new and innovative approach to how patients access urgent care, the main message being: phone first for urgent and out of hours care.
Traditionally patients have been able to access the Emergency Unit and services by walking in.
The new “phone first” system will replace this on the 5th of August.
Patients will now be encouraged to phone ahead first, and if appropriate will be given an appointment slot saving them precious time and also NHS resources.
This new approach is a response to COVID-19 and to ensure services remain safe while we practice social distancing, meaning that our Emergency Unit will not become overcrowded while patients wait safely in their own home for an appointment.

This service supports BSL users, deaf persons and those with hearing and speech difficulties. To find out how, and for more information on the service is accessible via Relay UK,

Read the NHS Wales frequently asked questions page to find out more.