On Saturday 11th March, members of PYA had their annual team day.

This year was slightly different however, as one of the members delivered a useful workshop on our rights as children and young people and the UNCRC.  This involved us doing activities to make us aware of our rights in different aspects of life, such as education and home life. After this, we made our way into Cardiff where we enjoyed a meal in Fed and then excitedly onto Breakout Cardiff. Members were split into 3 groups.

Those who were brave enough went into the ‘Disturbed’ room featuring fake body parts, one group went into the ‘Cursed Carnival’ room which was said to have creepy music and was done in darkness. Those who fancied themselves as spies went into the ‘Classified’ room in which they had to look through books and locked draws.

Overall, it was a great team day and we all worked together well.