Penarth Town Council aims to recognise the contribution of individuals and organisations in the community in a number of ways.

Below you’ll find information about our Community Cash Grant Scheme and Outstanding Citizens Award.

Penarth Town Council is able to give small cash grants (usually under £250) to organisations operating within the community to improve the life of its residents.

The Scheme is designed to encourage, develop and enhance the wellbeing of the Penarth community.

Who is Eligible for Financial Assistance?

Grants must clearly benefit the residents within the administrative boundary of Penarth Town Council. A grant provided by the Council can support an organisation’s general funding or provide support towards a special project.

Funding is available to, for example:

  • Not for profit organisations that uses all monetary surplus solely for the purpose of its objectives and not to financially benefit its members in any way.
  • Incorporated and legally constituted bodies
  • Funding can only be provided to support initiatives that are for charitable or benevolent purposes and those that seek to do good work for others in the community. This may include relieving poverty or sickness, addressing the needs of the young or the aged, or otherwise benefiting the community.
  • Assist community organisations.

Who is ineligible for a Small Grant?

Small grants will not be awarded to:

  • Statutory services
  • Organisations that have large reserves that are not designated for specific purpose
  • Organisations that do not operate in or do not clearly benefit all or some of the people in the Town Council’s area
  • Private or for profit organisations

What the Town Council will consider

With limited funding the Town Council may have to make difficult choices between competing applications and receiving a grant one year does not guarantee that future applications will be successful.

The Council will consider the following questions in deciding whether to award a grant:-

  • Does the project have public or particular appeal to local residents?
  • Will the grant increase or encourage community engagement?
  • Is there a perceived level of need for the project?
  • Will the grant assist local projects?
  • Will the benefit remain in the community?
  • Is the project innovative?
  • Does the project have transparent aims?
  • Will the grant make the project viable?
  • Does the applicant have appropriate governance and constitutional arrangements?

How to Apply

Applications can be made in writing to the Town Clerk outlining what the grant is required for and how it will benefit all or some of the inhabitants of Penarth. The organisations latest set of accounts should accompany the letter or if a new group/organisation details of income and expenditure budgets.

The application and supporting information should then be sent to Penarth Town Council, West House, Stanwell Road, Penarth, CF64 2YG or emailed to

If the Town Council supports your application you will be expected to attend a reception at West House to receive the grant from the Town Mayor and take part in any publicity. The Town Council also requests that you write to let us know how you used the grant and the success of your project. Please acknowledge support from the Council in any publicity you issue.

NB:  The Town Council cannot give discount for the hire of its facilities given that the majority of hires are to raise funds for worthy causes.

Any enquiries with regard to this Scheme should be made to the Office Finance Manager or the Town Clerk on 02920 700721 or by email to