Cllr. Jon Luxton has been elected as the Mayor for Penarth 2018/2019.

Jon Luxton represents Stanwell Ward and served as Deputy Mayor in 2017/2018, which included compering duties at last year’s Penarth Downhill Derby. His work is wide-ranging, from policy consultant to hip hop DJ on Radio Cardiff.

At the Town Council’s Annual General Meeting last Friday 18th May, Cllr. Mark Wilson proposed Cllr. Luxton and the motion was seconded by Cllr. Yvonne Murphy.

Jon named Jasna Colak as his Mayoress, with Debbie Francis named as Consort. He will also be supported by Cllr. Angela Thomas, who was elected Deputy Town Mayor.

Cllr. Luxton succeeds Cllr. Ken Lloyd as Town Mayor and thanks were offered to Cllr. Lloyd for the dedication shown by himself and his consort over the past year as well as their tireless work for charity.

Also at the meeting, Cllr. Rhiannon Birch was named as Council Leader, with Cllr. Mike Cuddy assuming the role of Deputy Leader.

Jon will be fundraising throughout his year in office. His nominated charities are The Safe Foundation, Pride Cymru and VCS Cardiff & Penarth.

Cllr. Luxton said “It’s a great honour to be the Mayor of Penarth. I am looking forward to serving the people of Penarth over what’s sure to be an exciting twelve months.”