The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales protects and promotes the rights of older people throughout Wales, scrutinising and influencing a wide range of policy and practice to improve their lives. The Commissioner is taking action to end ageism and age discrimination, stop the abuse of older people and enable everyone to age well. The Commissioner wants Wales to be the best place in the world to grow older.

A message from the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales

“As the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, my role is to protect and promote older people’s rights and ensure that action is taken to improve their lives. Ending ageism and age discrimination, which underpin many of the issues and challenges faced by older people, is a priority, and over the next three years I will be delivering a wide range of work focused on tackling these issues. Ageism results in older people being treated unfairly and their rights not being respected and upheld, impacting upon their health, well-being, independence and quality of life. Yet despite its prevalence, ageism and its impact are often overlooked or ignored by society. This has to change. That’s why I’m launching this campaign – #EverydayAgeism – to raise awareness of the scale and impact of the ageism faced by older people every single day, challenge ageism and age discrimination, and empower older people to do the same.”

You can also find out more about the campaign, and access a range of useful information and resources, at the #EverydayAgeism campaign hub on the website –