Information and dates for schools across the Vale, this includes Bank Holidays, term dates, half term and Inset days for the current school year and next. Click here to view.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council and Penarth Town Council work in partnership to deliver services for Penarth.

Vale of Glamorgan Council

Planning and Building Control; Business Rates; Schools; Libraries; Social Services; Fire Services; Waste and Recycling; Highways and Transport; Street Lighting; Registrar; Environment; Housing; Conservation; Licensing; Licensing; Public Parks; Car Parks; Beaches; Dog Fouling; Trading Standards; Regeneration

Penarth Town Council

Cemetery and Burial; Community Fund and Awards; The Paget Rooms; The Kymin; West House; Harbour View, Windsor Road and Paget Terrace Allotments; Summer Festival; Christmas Festival

Councillors are individuals who live or work in the town of Penarth, and who want to make a difference to its residents. They represent their ward, make decisions about council policy and take a leadership role in the community.

Councillors are not paid for their time, but can receive an allowance of up to £150 per annum to cover the costs of printing, postage and other costs associated with their role.

In the first instance, you should write or telephone the Councillor for your ward by clicking here [link to Your Councillors] If you do not know which ward you live in, click here to find out.

In 2018/19 the contribution in respect of Band D properties in Penarth is £67.75 per annum. The Council receives no contribution from Business Rates or other taxes.

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